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Financial Institutions

The CBMS Plan

CBMS Guarantees if you follow our plan, we will double your existing merchant processing DDA portfolio in 18 months or less OR we will pay to move you to another processor of your choice.

  • Run a query of your existing commercial DDA accounts to provide CBMS with the approximate number of accounts receiving regular ACH deposits
  • Provide a summary of your current merchant processing portfolio, ie. residual report from current or previous processor
  • Provide a master list of employees including email addresses, phone numbers, and branch information
  • Attend a CBMS provided training in person or via webinar
  • Follow the marketing plan – NO COST TO YOUR INSTITUTION!
  • Increased non-interest revenue for your institution
  • NO Risk, NO Liability
  • Incentive to participate to ANY employee
  • Industry leading reporting tool for your access
  • Unparalleled customer service for your institution and referred merchants

The CBMS Plan Image